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KSP Site Director Discusses 2016 Predictions

Posted on 07 January 2016

I was recently asked by Kent’s leading newspaper, the Kent Messenger, to make a couple of business predictions for 2016.

My immediate response was Wow! Are you kidding? As if I actually possessed any believable wisdom to impart. With the still unpredictable global economy anyone making predictions really is looking into a massive crystal ball – probably best to ask Major Tim on the Space Station!

Anyway here goes….

1. The refugee crisis. Not exactly a prediction, but a real concern – until conflict is ended, I see no answer. The human tragedy is immeasurable. I see this becoming worse in 2016 with no obvious solution in sight. This is Europe’s biggest challenge in 2016 and beyond. Economically the recent terrorist atrocities in Paris and the continuing threat could have significant impact on investment plans – the Euro could be in for a difficult ride and the UK’s position within Europe will continue to create uncertainty.

2. The Life Science Sector and a very positive note. Massive tax inversion deals amongst the US global players who will continue to relocate their legal domicile to a lower tax nation. This may have some impact on Kent. Pfizer and Mylan have facilities in the county and both have been active in acquisitions – it’s possible we could see increased research activity. If you couple this to the very real support KENT County Council is giving the county’s growing life science sector this is definitely a case of watch this space. There is massive potential for our county in this vibrant sector and I see it set for more growth.

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James Speck, KSP Site Director

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